New World of Beer Opens in Pooler

Residents in search of a high-quality glass of craft beer in Pooler now have a “world” of new options available to them.

World of Beer, the well-established chain of craft beer bars, opened one of its first owner-operated facilities in the country on Pooler Parkway this week. Typically run by a local franchisee, the Pooler “company store” concept as General Manager Jim Nystrum called it, will be 100% owned and operated by the World of Beer parent company. The Pooler location hosted a charity fundraiser soft-open on Sunday night benefitting the 200 Club and opened to the wider public on Monday.

World of Beer is best defined by its eclectic and extensive selection of ales and lagers. At opening, the new Pooler branch has 54 beers on draft and around 550 available in bottles and cans including 12 brewed in Georgia. The Pooler spot also features a beer infusion tower, where elements of a base beer can be enhanced by the use of whole cone hops, coffee, spices or anything else the staff dreams up. The beer is pumped through a special chamber containing the additives on the way to the tap spout. For example, a pumpkin beer may be infused with nutmeg, cinnamon and marshmallows for a one-of-a-kind pumpkin pie beer. There is a also a firkin for serving cask-aged beer, often called “real ale.”

After the expected multitudes of beer, each location has its own design aesthetic and creative emphasis. The downtown Savannah location, which opened in mid 2012, for example, is strictly a bar with no food service and the decor is suitably darker and tailored for an adult clientele. In Pooler, the atmosphere is light and airy thanks to large windows, high ceilings and an open floorpan. Tegan Foster is a corporate World of Beer consultant. She described the Pooler location as embodying “the tavern experience. Beer is first and foremost. It’s an environment where you want to talk to people.” The inclusion of a robust food menu as well as traditional restaurant table and booth seating also makes the new location more accessible to families.

The food menu is highlighted by the Chimay Burger, a thick juicy patty topped with cheese from the Chimay Trappist dairy in Belgium. Other pub worthy fare can be found ranging from giant soft german pretzels and tater tots to the Sunday BEERunch menu which includes Belgian beer waffles.

In addition to the beer and food menu, World of Beer hopes that the service will make their locations worthy of repeat visits. World of Beer bartenders and waitstaff receive a crash course in “Beer School.” That means learning about all facets of beer from unique flavor profiles to the locations of breweries before being allowed to serve customers.

World of Beer Pooler is located at 238A Pooler Parkway, Pooler, GA and is open 11:30 AM – 1 AM Monday through Thursday, 11:30 AM – 2 AM Friday and Saturday and 11 AM – Midnight on Sunday. For more information visit