Moon River: Selling Growlers, Making History

While many have derided the current state of Georgia’s beer laws, one welcome new change is the ability for brew pubs to sell growlers. This small victory has been a long time coming for Moon River Brewing Co. brewmaster and co-owner John Pinkerton.

The following message was posted today on Moon River’s Instagram feed:

Moon River Brewing Company is pleased to announce that we are the first Georgia Brewpub to begin selling growlers. Brewmaster and Co-owner, John Pinkerton, says, “I’ve spent the past 17 years saying NO to our customers. I can hardly contain my excitement to be able to say YES to growlers. We are feeling especially appreciative for the cooperation and good will of Lynn Riley, Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Revenue and Cindy Landholt, Director of the City of Savannah’s Revenue Department.”

Congrats to John, Taylor, Aaron and everyone at Moon River.