Enjoy Craft Beer on Savannah’s Southside

When it comes to craft beer, downtown Savannah receives the lion’s share of the attention. This level of attention isn’t unwarranted; most of Savannah’s craft beer restaurants, bars and bottle shops are, in fact, north of DeRenne. Downtown doesn’t hold a lock on everything related to craft beer though. At first glance, south of DeRenne looks like a craft beer desert but the Southside has several options for a beer during lunch or even a beer centric evening out. Check out these Southside eateries, some new, some old favorites, and two bottle shops with craft heavy options.


Ben’s Neighborhood Grill and Tap: Ben’s history is rooted in Savannah’s downtown but as the restaurant moved south it morphed into a gourmet burger grill and craft centric tap room. Ben’s features twelve taps all dedicated to craft beer, with several local options always available. Ben’s also has an extensive bottle and can list. Tuesday is a great day to visit Ben’s as they have a $2.50 craft can special. The regularly updated tap and bottle list can be found on beermenus.com. Ben’s isn’t all about the beer though. They have several excellent burgers and sandwiches on their menu. Make sure to ask for the beer battered onion rings. Directions, hours and menus can be found at bensgrill.com.

Fiddlers Seafood: Just down Hodgson Memorial Drive from Ben’s and around the corner from Oglethorpe Mall is Fiddlers Seafood. Fiddlers is part of the same restaurant group as Tubby’s, Dub’s and Spanky’s and just like those restaurants carry numerous craft beer options. In fact Fiddlers has 21 taps dedicated to craft beer, many of them dedicated to local options. The food options at Fiddler’s are, as you might expect, are grounded in fresh, local seafood options. The décor follows along similar lines and is grounded to Savannah’s fishing history. Fiddler’s information can be found at fiddlerssavannah.com.

Your Pie: What goes together better than beer and pizza? Not much and Your Pie offers both. The downtown location of Your Pie is no secret but there is also a south side location in Sandfly. Like its counterpart it has a strong craft beer selection. What is even better are Your Pie Sandfly’s regular craft beer nights. Usually on Thursdays, the guys at Your Pie will put together a tap takeover and often are able to pull in a difficult to find beer or two. The best way to find out about Your Pie, Sandfly is through their Facebook page where they regularly update their events page and tap list.

Bowtie Barbecue Company: The newest location for hunting down great craft beer in midtown is Bowtie Barbecue Company. Bowtie is growing out of the Johnny Harris legacy and will serve up old favorites like Johnny Harris’ batterless fried chicken but will bring new food and drink options to the table. Bowtie will serve up craft beer with a regional focus, think East Coast, on twenty taps. Of special note are taps dedicated to a Southbound Brewing Company Ginger Beer soda and to Perc Coffee. Bowtie will also serve up craft cocktails and feature a large selection of small batch whiskeys. Is Bowtie’s huge bar selection not enough to get you in the door? Well lucky for you because there is excellent barbecue too.

Habersham Beverage Warehouse: Habersham Beverage Warehouse is maintains one of the largest selections of craft beer options in Savannah. Vince, who manages the beer selection at Habersham south, is one of Savannah’s more knowledgeable craft beer and home brewing experts, keeps an excellent and large rotating selection of craft beer options. All the details can be found at habershambeverage.com.

Largo Beverage: Largo doesn’t keep as large a selection of craft beer as many of Savannah’s bottle shops and as a result may not be on your regular craft beer shopping circuit. Because they are often overlooked there are some gems that can be found on Largo’s shelves. Give them a try you might find something you missed out on the first round of distribution. Largo’s information can be found at largobeverage.com.