2016 Savannah Craft Beer Week Untappd Badge

Untappd Badge 2016Members of the social media network for beer lovers Untappd will have the chance to unlock a special badge as a part of Savannah Craft Beer Week.

Badges equate to bragging rights for users of the Untappd app as they mark special achievements in regards to consuming specific styles or completing other beer drinking objectives. The Savannah Craft Beer Week badge can be unlocked by “checking in” to a beer at one of the 2016 Savannah Craft Beer Week events from Sunday August 28 through Sunday September 4.

This marks the second year that Untappd users have had the chance to earn a Savannah Craft Beer Week themed badge. Over 600 people unlocked the 2015 edition.

Coastal Empire Beer Co., Still Growing 5 Years In

Coastal Empire LabelerHere we grow again. Coastal Empire Beer Co has a new set of equipment that is going to allow them new flexibly and will lead to some exciting new beers for all of us.

Last week a shiny new addition to Coastal Empire’s existing canning system arrived. This new gear will allow Coastal Empire to “shrink wrap” new labels on their cans, eliminating a pesky and expensive issue with pre-labeled cans and giving them more flexibility with which beers they can ship out in cans.

I spoke with Chris Haborak, co-founder of Coastal Empire Beer Company about the new labeling system and why they chose to invest in it. As you might expect it had to do with money. “Over the past two years the big three can manufacturers had been increasing their minimum orders to truck loads for each style of can.” This was the first hit in a list of events that made canning more expensive and difficult.

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Savannah Craft Beer Week 2016 Set for Aug 28 – Sep 4

Weeklong event series promotes local craft breweries, bottle shops, bars and restaurants.

savannah craft beer week 2016Savannah Craft Beer Week 2016 will be held August 28 – September 4, 2016 in locations throughout Savannah, GA. SAVCraftBeer.com and the SAV Craft Beer smartphone app are the exclusive distribution channels for the full event schedule, venue directory and local craft beer news.

Scheduled events range from “Meet the Brewer” social outings, craft beer tastings with food pairings and even a 5K group run to burn off extra beer calories consumed during the week. Many of the events fall into the category of “Tap Takeovers,” where beers from a specific brewery are featured. An exclusive 2016 Savannah Craft Beer Week badge from beer logging app Untappd will be available for participants.

The 2015 edition included over forty individual events at more than twenty locations. Event announcements for the 2016 series are ongoing.

“Savannah sees a lot of visitor and local participation in the annual Savannah Craft Brew Fest, but our goal is to bring awareness to the local businesses that support craft beer in Savannah 365 days a year,” says Lee Heidel, creator of SAVCraftBeer.com. Heidel is a Savannah-based beer columnist and managing editor at BrewDrinkRun.com, a website that promotes craft beer and healthy lifestyles.

Service Brewing Co. is the 2016 Savannah Craft Beer Week title sponsor. “Service Brewing is proud to return as a title sponsor for this annual tradition,” adds Kevin Ryan, CEO of Service Brewing Co. “Savannah Craft Beer Week is a great opportunity for breweries and retailers to create some fun and unique events in our community that celebrate our passion and dedication for craft beer.”

The 5K Group Run is sponsored by Green Truck Pub. Other major sponsors of SAVCraftBeer.com includeBowtie Barbecue Co., Crystal Beer Parlor, Hops & Barley, TheManual.com, Savannah Distillery Ale House, Savannah Taphouse and White Whale Craft Ales. A full list of sponsors is available at SAVCraftBeer.com.

Meet White Whale Craft Ales

white whale craft ales

It is often the random connections and curveballs life throws at you that make the biggest impact in the paths we take. It was no different for the owners of Savannah’s newest craft beer store, White Whale Craft Ales. Jason and Jocelyn Piccolo often joked about opening a craft beer store, but it wasn’t until Jason worked with Eddie Holley that a plan started to take form.

Jason and Eddie worked together in the film industry but eventually Holley would go on to open Ale Yeah!, an Atlanta based craft beer store franchise, and Jason and Jocelyn would move to Savannah to teach at SCAD. Seeing a hole in the Savannah craft beer community the couple begged Holley to open an Ale Yeah! in Savannah with them helming the franchise. That plan was altered when Jason was in a serious car accident, postponing everything. After recovery and with priorities changed Jason and Jocelyn, with Holley’s, blessing and encouragement, decided to go it alone and open their own store.

I spoke with the couple about how they came to craft beer community, White Whale and their attachment to Savannah.

white whale craft ales savannah

When asked how he found craft beer, Jason answered, “The Belgian section at Brick Store Pub in Atlanta sold me on good beer. From there it was just experimentation that led me to American craft beer. I love craft beer because it’s the most democratic of businesses. You can go from a garage to huge company or home brew beer kit to distribution.”

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Service Brewing Celebrates Two Years

service 2nd anniversary

A birthday is always an event worth celebrating but when you are a business celebrating not only a year of success but growth and recognition in your field, it’s worth celebrating in a big way. On July 23,rd Service Brewing Company, Savannah’s local veteran owned brewery, will be celebrating just such a year by throwing a big party with music, food and a special beer.

Each year for their birthday Service brews up a special beer called Anniversary Brew, Service Brewing Company (SBC). SBC2 is a pale American-Belgo style ale. This beer is brewed with citra hops and blood orange zest so you can expect a big juicy, fruity beer. The brewery used their house yeast, cultured from the Service beehives, to brew SBC2. This yeast will bring additional fruity and floral flavors along with some spice. SBC1 was a complex and flavorful, SBC2 promises to continue this trend.

sbc 2

Tickets to the Second Year Anniversary party include not only plenty of beer but also entertainment and food. This year’s event will feature concert performances by Charleston based band Susto and Athens favorites The Whigs on the Service tasting groom stage. Big Bon Pizza will provide event food, showcasing wood fired pizzas made with local ingredients.

I spoke with Kevin Ryan, a former U.S Army Company Commander and the Veteran in Veteran owed, and Meredith Sutton, Service’s Creative Director about the growth of Service and of craft beer in Savannah. “Craft Brewing in America, as well as Savannah, has continued to experience unprecedented growth. More and more people are being introduced and opening their palate up to different styles and most of all, appreciating well crafted beer that incorporates quality ingredients.”

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